Got an Email from an IRS Agent? Here’s What to Do Next!

Consumers are being informed by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) that scammers are using the IRS name or logo to gain access to their financial details in order to steal their identities and possessions.

 Identity theft occurs when personal data is stolen over the Internet. The business tax consultants at Aprio’s can help your firm reduce and manage its tax obligations as tax reform continues to transform the tax code. Professional tax consultants can advise you on how to lower and manage your tax obligations. 

The best tax advice from the best tax experts.

You can employ a tax agent’s services either online or in-person to assist you in preparing and filing your tax return.

To be an expert in the tax business, you should be recognized in the industry for some time. Have they been in the tax business for a long time? 

Generally speaking, the IRS certified mail you receive is to let you know that the IRS has attempted to contact you about your tax debt. 

In order to protect itself, the IRS may argue that you failed to receive and be heard if you refuse to accept its notice and offer of a hearing. Depending on the IRS’s actions, this may raise Constitutional issues. 

An IRS computer automatically forwards IRS letters including certified mail. A certified mail letter from an IRS worker may be manually sent to you if the IRS worker is assigned to work on your case. 

If you owe money to the IRS, they will use any means available to get payment from you. Federal tax liens or wage garnishment is one way they can do it. 

Even if you have a small balance owed, the IRS can still attempt to collect by filing a wage lien. However, if you have a large balance, the IRS can file for a garnishment. This is a legal process that holds your property as security for your tax debt. 

The Internal Revenue Service is in charge of collecting taxes on behalf of the country. Tax laws are upheld by the Internal Revenue Service. 

There are numerous tax preparers, such as certified public attorneys, enrolled agents, and others with no professional credentials, among them. 

Your preparer’s information should be verified by you and should be knowledgeable about tax preparation and tax administration. Before supplying your data to a tax preparer, you should be familiar with their expertise. 

You should be prepared for your financial information to be compromised by any preparer.

Tax services allow taxpayers to hire an IRS-approved representative to represent them during tax proceedings.

Taxpayers who have representation are not required to attend with their representatives unless the IRS formally summons them to appear. 

Tax audit defense, commonly referred to as audit defense, is an attorney’s role during an IRS examination. It is possible to save time during an IRS tax investigation by hiring an IRS-approved representative. 


A tax professional can help you avoid having your assets and income audited without fear of IRS employees violating your rights. 

You have the option to refuse to undergo the IRS’s email verification process if you so choose.

You are not being contacted by the IRS via email if you have already applied for or been approved for an IRS online application via Under the Federal Records Act, electronic messages that meet the definition of records are preserved and maintained in the same manner as all other federal records. 

Emails received will be preserved and maintained based on how the emails meet the definition of federal records. Email messages that are not recorded are deleted when they no longer serve a purpose. 

Check the source.

Don’t let your tax worries distract you from your work. Check the source of your information—is this person a real tax agent? Our team of experts can tell you whether the IRS agent mail is real or fake, so you can make informed decisions about whom to believe. 

Don’t fall for the scam!

The IRS agent mail is a fake or a deception. Don’t let yourself be scammed! With our help, you can protect yourself and your wallet.


Mr. Joshua A. Webskowski

Joshua specializes in successfully resolving cases in all areas of tax resolution including liens, levies, & other IRS collections cases.

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