Has the IRS placed a Tax Levy on your Bank Account or filed a Wage Garnishment?

Get your levy released and your case settled at the same time! We know the system.

Have our Former IRS Agents STOP THE LEVY!   We can also settle your case so you can be worry-free today.

We taught Tax Law at the IRS and know all the techniques to get your levy released and your case settled.

IRS Levy

IRS will levy taxes and enforce the tax laws by filing a Notice of Levy on your Bank Account, 688 A, and or on your Wages, 668 W if you fail to follow-up on form 1058 which is the last notice or letter IRS will send before this federal action takes place.

As former IRS agents, we have filed thousands of tax levies and we know how to get immediate relief for you and we know how to immediately get those tax levies released! We have worked in the local, district and regional offices of the IRS and taught Federal Tax Law.

We can immediately get Notices of Bank Levy and Wage Garnishment Released

Stop being bullied by the IRS. If the IRS has levied taxes, call us today for immediate tax relief and get your levy released.

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We immediately send a power of attorney to the IRS letting them know we are now your representative. You will never have to speak to the Internal Revenue Service again.


We will make sure all your tax returns are filed and current. If your tax returns are not up to date, the IRS can — and many times will — refuse to work your case.


We will pull tax transcripts, file and prepare your tax returns within days, even if you have lost your tax records. We are experts in tax reconstruction.


The IRS requires a current financial statement. We will secure a required 433-F or 433A (IRS financial statement). We will verify the income and expenses and work out a settlement agreement. The IRS will always require a closing settlement method for each case.


We will review with our clients how they want to settle their case. We get them an agreement based on their current financial needs. You will get the absolute best deal allowed by tax law.


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