We are the best and most experienced IRS Tax Problem Resolution Team in America.

It only makes sense because we have Former IRS Agents, Revenue Officers, and IRS Audit Group Managers on our team handle your IRS tax audit and give you the most experienced and successful IRS Tax Audit Help.

Some IRS Tax Audit Factoids:

  • There are over a million (1,391,581) tax returns that the IRS audits each tax year.
  • There are more than 310,000 audits completed by IRS Revenue Agents (field agents) as they visiting offices and business “in the field” each year.
  • The correspondence audits a year completed by the IRS completes is over a million (1,081,152)
  • The IRS employs over 13,000 IRS auditors.
  • $10 billion a year is collected by the IRS in IRS tax audits.
  • As the IRS develops newly installed software tracking systems, the CADE 2 computer is used to spot and recognize tax audits with greater proficiency
  • IRS document matching program has collected over $5.2 billion.
  • For truly professional help in an IRS Tax Audit, contact Joshua Webskowski, EA, USTCP and his team of former IRS Revenue Agents, Officers and Group Managers.

IRS Policy Statement P-4-21 reads: “The primary objective in selecting returns for examination is to promote the highest degree of voluntary compliance on the part of taxpayers.

Why use former IRS agents for IRS tax audit help?

As a team of former IRS Agents, Officers, Group Mangers and Trainers, we know all of the protocols, theories, settlement formulas and all of the tax procedures that the IRS uses in a IRS tax audit.

While most tax professionals learn their IRS Audit skill during on-the-job training, former IRS agents and managers actually know the programs from the inside and the gives use insider secrets to what makes for the most successful outcome for a tax audit.

The team of tax professionals we have at Best Tax Pro are former IRS Revenue Agents and Group Managers — and were former instructors with the Internal Revenue Service who taught not only at the local office level, but also taught at the district and regional IRS offices as well.

If you need to hire a professional tax firm, it is wise to hire Joshua A. Webskowski, along with his team of former IRS Agents, Officers, Group Managers, and Trainers who can provide you the very best IRS tax audit help. There are many excellent tax firms to help you through this problem, make sure you check up on their level of experience – especially in working at the IRS so they know the process from both sides of the table!

We are the most experienced tax firm in the nation when it comes to providing IRS tax audit help – Joshua A. Webskowski, EA, USTCP even wrote the book on it!  (IRS Secrets Revealed: How To Survive IRS Audit, Collections and Appeals )

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