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Drowning in IRS Tax Audit Paperwork? We’ve Got You Covered!

Worried about an IRS tax audit? We’ve got you covered. From examining your returns to representing you in the audit, our expert team will manage everything. Focus on what matters most and let us handle the rest.

What are IRS Audits?

It’s normal to feel scared when you hear the word “audit,” but it’s important to understand what they really are. An IRS tax audit is when the government reviews your tax return to make sure everything is accurate and that you’ve paid the right amount of taxes. Things like unreported income or deductions usually trigger it.


The IRS is responsible for enforcing tax laws and conducting audits to ensure tax compliance. Let’s get into detail about how the IRS tax audit works.

How IRS Audits Work?

  •  Selection for Audit: The IRS selects tax returns for audit using a random selection process, statistical formulas, and related examinations. Your return may be chosen if it shows significant deviations from the norms or is linked to other returns being audited.
  • Notification: The IRS will notify you by mail if your return is selected for audit. They will never initiate an audit by phone. The letter will include all necessary contact details and instructions on what to do next.
  • Types of Audits: Learn about your options after an audit is completed so that you can make informed decisions about the next steps:
    • Correspondence Audit: This type of audit is conducted via mail. You’ll be asked to send additional information or documents.
    • Office Audit: Conducted at an IRS office.
    • Field Audit: Conducted at your home, business, or your accountant’s office.
  • Preparing for the Audit: The IRS will request specific documents related to your tax return, such as financial records, receipts, and other supporting documents.
  • During the Audit: An IRS auditor will review your submitted documents to verify the accuracy of your tax return. They may ask for additional information or clarifications during this period.
  • Conclusion of the Audit: After reviewing your documents, the IRS will either accept your return as filed or propose changes.
  • Post-Audit Options: Learn about your options after an audit is completed:
    • Agreeing with Changes: If you agree with the changes, you will sign an agreement form and pay any additional taxes, penalties, or interest.
    • Disagreeing with Changes: If you disagree, you can appeal the decision.
  • Appeals and Further Actions: If you choose to appeal, you can present your case to the IRS Appeals Office. If necessary, you can also take your case to court.

What do You Gain from our IRS Audit Representation?

We understand that facing an IRS tax audit can be overwhelming, but with the expert assistance of Best Tax Pro, you will have the support you need.

So how exactly can a tax attorney for an IRS audit help you with a tax audit? The answer is simple.

  • We Protect Your Rights: We ensure your rights are safeguarded throughout the audit process and that the IRS treats you fairly.
  • We Present Your Case to the IRS: We handle all communication with the IRS, attend meetings, answer questions, and present your case for the best possible outcome.
  • Long-Term Tax Planning: Beyond the audit, we provide strategic tax planning to prevent future issues and ensure compliance, helping you maintain financial stability.
  • Support After the Audit: Our assistance continues after the audit, helping with follow-up actions like appealing decisions or setting up payment plans.
  • Thorough Preparation: We help you gather and organize all necessary documents before the audit begins, ensuring you are ready to respond confidently.
  • Confidentiality: We keep your personal and financial information private and secure, adhering to strict confidentiality agreements and ethical standards.

How can Best Tax Pro Assist you with IRS Tax Audit Representation?

We know that dealing with an IRS audit can be overwhelming. Here’s how we make it simple and easy for you:

Let's Talk About Your Situation

We’ll start with a FREE consultation to understand your unique circumstances. We’ll review your tax returns and any letters from the IRS to get a clear picture of what’s going on.

Collecting What’s Needed

We guide you in gathering all necessary documents, like income statements, receipts, and other relevant financial records. We help organize these documents neatly, just the way the IRS prefers.

Taking Over Communications

From this point on, we will take care of all communication with the IRS. No more worrying about what to say or how to respond. We ensure your situation is clearly and effectively presented to the IRS, representing you professionally.

Spotting Key Issues

We identify the main concerns and develop a solid plan to address them. We negotiate with the IRS to minimize any additional taxes or penalties, addressing your specific problem directly.

Reviewing and Educating:

After the audit, we review the results with you and assist with any necessary appeals. Additionally, we empower you with knowledge and training to better understand tax regulations, ensuring you’re well-prepared for the future.

Ignoring Your IRS Audit Can Lead to Severe Financial Consequences!

Don’t let an IRS audit affect your finances. Our expert IRS tax audit attorneys know the process inside and out, guiding countless clients through it with ease. Need help? Get personalized tax audit assistance from a top tax attorney today!

Some IRS Tax Audit Factoids

  • There are over a million (1,391,581) tax returns that the IRS audits each tax year.
  • There are more than 310,000 audits completed by IRS Revenue Agents (field agents) as they visit offices and businesses “in the field” each year.
  • The correspondence audits (the IRS audit mail program) a year completed by the IRS is over a million (1,081,152)
  • The IRS employs over 13,000 IRS auditors.
  • $10 billion a year is collected by the IRS in IRS tax audits.
  • As the IRS develops newly installed software tracking systems, the CADE 2 computer is used to spot and recognize tax audits with greater proficiency
  • The IRS document matching program has collected over $5.2 billion.
  • For truly professional help in an IRS Tax Audit, contact Joshua Webskowski, EA, USTCP, and his team of former IRS Revenue Agents, Officers, and Group Managers.

Get the Right Guidance with Best Tax Pro

As former IRS agents and group managers, we know the ins and outs of handling IRS audits. We understand the process deeply and can guide you through it easily.

At Best Tax Pro, we focus on providing the best client service. We work with you to understand your needs and create a solution that fits your situation.

With us, you’ll get a proactive approach to IRS audits. We help you spot potential issues before the audit, which can reduce the chances of interest and penalties.

We keep you informed throughout the audit process and help you understand each step. You don’t have to face the audit alone. Contact our tax consultants today for customized solutions to handle your IRS audit with confidence!

Bottom Line

IRS tax audits can be stressful and lengthy, but with the right guidance from the professional tax experts at BestTaxPro, the process can become easier. Our experienced team of tax professionals can help you navigate the tax audit process with confidence, making it less daunting and more efficient. With our in-depth knowledge and expertise, we can work towards resolving your tax issues sooner than anticipated. Don’t wait! Contact us now for your FREE 30-minute consultation and let us assist you in managing your IRS tax audit more effectively.

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