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Call us to speak directly to Joshua. He and his team are experts in the area of your particular tax issue. His team includes former IRS Revenue Agents, former IRS Revenue Officers, former IRS Appeals Officers, tax attorneys and Enrolled Agents. Joshua is a Minnesota native and his office is located in downtown Rockford, MN. With his team, he handles all types of tax problems, Federal and State, all across the US.

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We provide the Best Tax Problem Resolution Services because We are the best and most experienced IRS Tax Problem Resolution Team in America!


If you’re suffering from tax problems with the IRS and owe back taxes, penalties, and interest, contact Best Tax Pro, INC now. We have the skills and experience to end wage garnishment, release tax liens, and find solutions for all kinds of IRS tax problems. We’ll make sure you understand your rights and explore all the tax relief options available to identify the best course of action for your needs and circumstances.

Best Tax Pro, INC is a reputable tax resolution firm that helps people just like you break free from tax problems. When taxpayers try to deal with the IRS on their own, the results are usually stress and frustration. But, if you enlist our help, you’ll avoid unnecessary anxiety. We’ll negotiate directly with the IRS on your behalf to set up an affordable payment plan or take advantage of a suitable tax relief program.

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