Get your IRS Tax Issues Resolved by Top-tier Tax Attorneys and Former IRS Agents Across the Nation!

Don’t let the IRS cripple your life. Let our tax attorneys, tax resolution specialists, and ex-IRS agents fight the tax authorities for you. We want to stand by your side and turn the tide in your favor against severe IRS tax problems. Trust us and never be on the dark side again.

Joshua A. Webskowski

Best Tax Pro INC

An IRS Notice can really get on your nerves.

Ignoring an IRS notice can lead to bigger problems. Let us help you address it.
We can help you understand the notice and take the exact next steps.


Facing an IRS levy, unfiled tax returns, or penalties? We can help resolve these issues and get you back on track.


Are you concerned about the IRS taking your paycheck or forcing you to sell your belongings? We can explore all your options to find the best possible solution.


Considering settling your tax debt with the IRS, but unsure of which program or if you even qualify? We can help you determine your eligibility and guide you through the entire application process, from start to finish.

The sooner you start working on your tax problems, the sooner you can live with less stress!

We understand: tax issues make life more complicated, but you don't have to fix it all on your own.

Our team of tax experts has a proven record of success in helping our clients resolve their tax issues.

Are IRS or state tax problems causing you stress? Our team can help!

Getting letters from the IRS? You’re not alone. Our team of experienced tax specialists can guide you towards a meaningful solution

Don’t let worries about tax problem hold you back. We have a team or tax professionals with over 130 years of combined experience helping clients discover peace of mind.

Some of Our Success Stories: From feeling the IRS Pressure to living a Transformed Life!


in Refunds & Thousands of $$$ in Penalties Eliminated!

Our expert tax resolution team secured Mike a massive $58,000 tax refundand eliminated his penalties. Our in-depth review and strategic planning can help you get the relief you deserve. Watch now to learn more!


IRS Debt Reduction

Steve was drowning in $224,000 of IRS debt and our tax resolution specialists helped Steve eliminate 95% of his tax debt down to $9,000. Our dedicated team can negotiate a solution that works for you. See how we can help! Watch Now!

70 %

Tax Debt Reduction for Shamez

Facing an IRS audit nightmare like Shamez Don’t give up! Watch how our team used targeted legal strategies and negotiation skills to slash Shamez’s tax debt by a whopping 70%. We reduced his burden from a staggering $23,000 to a much more manageable $6,000. Get the tax debt relief you deserve! Watch now to learn how we can help.

What Sets us Apart?

Our team isn’t just a bunch of big-brained tax whizzes although we’re *all that*, and more. We’re former IRS Officers, tax attorneys and CPA who know what it’s like to be in your shoes. We understand what the IRS pressure cooker is all about, and truly want to help people like you. We have over 100 years of combined experience helping clients navigate the IRS maze, and that’ the sort of knowledge we will use to guide you down the right path, every step of the way.

Penalty Saved
Case Solved
Team Cumulative Experience
IRS Resolution Specialists on Our Team

Know the

Story Behind Best Tax Pro

Expert Tax Resolution Services

Joshua Webskowski, an Enrolled Agent with a decade of experience, specializes in resolving tax issues such as liens, levies, and IRS collections. He expertly manages Tax Resolution cases, including Currently Not Collectible status, Offers in Compromise, and Installment Agreements, and represents clients in audits by the IRS and Minnesota State Department of Revenue.

Commitment to Taxpayer Advocacy

As a federally-authorized tax practitioner, Joshua is licensed to represent taxpayers before the IRS in all 50 states, dedicated to assisting those facing IRS challenges. His role underscores his deep commitment to taxpayer advocacy and support.

Professional Membership and Distinguished Credentials

  • Joshua is the immediate past president of the Minnesota Society of Enrolled Agents (MNSEA), demonstrating his leadership in the tax professional community.
  • Actively engaged with the National Association of Enrolled Agents, emphasizing a commitment to the tax profession.
  • Participates in the National Association of Tax Professionals, indicating an ongoing dedication to excellence in tax practice.
  • Distinguished as one of the few non-attorneys authorized to represent clients before the United States Tax Court.
  • Holds the prestigious title of Fellow of the National Tax Practice Institute.
  • Maintains memberships in significant tax associations, underscoring Joshua’s commitment to delivering superior tax assistance and advocacy.
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    Representing taxpayers before the IRS in all 50 states
  • null
    Federally-Authorized Tax Practitioner
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    Finest team of licensed tax attorneys, Practitioners & Former IRS Agent
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    Guaranteed Tax Relief

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Resolution Experts

Get tax relief and resolution from a team with 130+ years of cumulative IRS experience!

Michael D. Sullivan

Former IRS Revenue Agent and Officer

Herb Cantor

Former Appeals Officer, IRS Revenue Agent

David Hoines

Tax Attorney and Civil Litigation Attorney

Joe Hopkins

CPA, MBA, Former CFO, Business Strategy Expert

Lucy Petry

CPA, Tax Attorney, Lawyer

Julie Lynch

Former IRS Agent And Enrolled Agent

Alysia Dahir


Clayton J. Cruse

Attorney/ Crypto/ BitCoin/ NFT

Tax troubles make life feel like someone dumped out a puzzle box on the table, with a mix of pieces upside down and scattered. At BestTaxPro we’ve been helping folks across the country piece their tax puzzles together for years. We understand how the IRS stress can get to you. We’ll work one-on-one with you to develop an exit strategy that precisely fits your unique situation. Let us help you put the pieces of your tax problem back together and get you back on track!

Joshua A. Webskowski

Professional Tax Relief Options from Best Tax Pro

Get direct assistance from America’s finest IRS tax problem resolution team and experience optimal outcomes. We’re here to provide you with the support you need to manage your tax concerns effectively.

Grab your FREE copy of Joshua Webskowski's special eBook bundle to discover the tax relief secret!

Joshua, Minnesota-based #1 EA & IRS relief expert, has condensed his wisdom into this all-inclusive compilation that is intended to lead you down the path to tax savings and relief. In this e-book, you’ll get to “learn”

  • Demystify IRS Notices: Understand confusing letters and take action.
  • Resolve Back Taxes: Explore options and find the best solution for you.
  • Negotiate with the IRS: Master strategies to communicate effectively.
  • Reduce Tax Penalties: Minimize financial burdens associated with late payments.
  • Protect Your Assets: Learn methods to prevent IRS seizures.
  • Settle Your Debt: Negotiate an Offer in Compromise with confidence.
  • Achieve Tax Freedom: Follow a proven roadmap to financial peace of mind.

Get your free copy of Joshua’s E-Book bundle to start the journey towards relieving yourself of tax stress.

Know our Process

How can we Help you?

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    Free Discovery Call

    We always start with a complimentary, non-obligatory evaluation to outline your financial goals and understand your tax issues.

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    Gathering Tax Documents

    We collect all necessary tax documents to ensure a comprehensive understanding of your financial situation.

  • null

    Case Filing and Representation to the IRS

    We take charge of interactions with the IRS on your behalf, prepare and submit the necessary paperwork, and provide legal representation as needed.

  • null

    Continuous Support

    Receive ongoing support throughout the resolution process to keep you informed and confident.

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    Conclude with a detailed follow-up to secure the effectiveness of our tax solutions and your financial stability

Don’t take our Word, hear from our Satisfied Clients

48 reviews on
Brian Danielson
Brian Danielson
Very knowledgeable and fast!
Melissa Johnson
Melissa Johnson
Very helpful. The best tax pro around.🙂
Amanda Schmidt
Amanda Schmidt
Josh is great! Service is great! This is why I have been using him for years!
Michael Brandt
Michael Brandt
Josh is a consummate professional and really knows his stuff! I had an extremely complicated tax situation involving both my personal and business taxes, and Josh was able to help me navigate both. In years past I have been using one of those online tax services (I won’t name names, but it rhymes with herbo axe) and when I tried to use the online system for a more complex filing scenario I got run around in circles by their “on call experts”. Finally, I called Josh and he guided me through the process step by step, and also made me aware of deductions I didn’t know about. He saved me many hours of time, and improved my return significantly beyond what I expected. Being a small business owner himself, he knows everything you need to do. Highly highly recommend to anyone with a complicated tax return - personal or business!
Shamez Babvani
Shamez Babvani
Awesome service! Josh delivered with his amazing knowledge and experience. Very very detail oriented and focused. He’s obviously driven to get the best possible outcome for his clients! He and his team kept me focused and on track - they made me aware of exactly what documentation to present in order to get me out from underneath the IRS’s thumb. I was in a real bind and Josh took the IRS to court — reducing my tax bill by more than 60%! Josh is very thorough and creative in his approaches to engaging the IRS. Uber uber communicative and responsive. Highly recommend!
Sarah Zender
Sarah Zender
Great experience! Josh was very thorough, provided explanations, gave advice on what and how to itemize for next year, and answered all of my questions. In addition, the whole experience from start to finish was 90 minutes. I feel like my taxes and money are in good hands - will be returning for years to come.
Matthew Mrdutt
Matthew Mrdutt
Josh is excellent to work with and has good knowledge of the tax rules, working for the bed possible outcome for his clients.
Jody Roe
Jody Roe
Josh has been our tax professional for years now. Always up to date on all the new tax codes. He is also our Financial Advisor.
emalee mader
emalee mader
Absolutely amazing! Super inviting, friendly, knowledgeable. If you have a question he has an answer and an explanation! He also helps you understand your taxes and what each line is for so you are not in the dark or confused!
D Schaub
D Schaub
Josh helped us save almost $4,000 in unnecessary taxes. Doing our taxes since 1993. Great service, fair prices.

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Want to get Tax Relief and Reclaim your Normal Life back? Trust us.

Best Tax Pro is all about bringing you relief from taxes without the weight of you putting in the time. We’re dedicated to delivering substantial value and clear results so that you don’t have to. Our priority is to secure the tax relief you need while ensuring you never have to worry about the ticking of the clock.

At Best Tax Pro, our passion for tax law is matched by our commitment to your financial freedom. Becoming lawyers was our choice, ensuring tax relief for our clients is our promise because impactful legal support is the cornerstone of what we do.


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